What is backpack mail?
Backpack mail is a means of distributing flyers, packets, forms, and other important information via your child's backpack.  Backpack mail can also be used to return forms to the school. Be sure to clearly label all backpack mail with the recipient's name, grade, and teacher.
What is the Tiger Tales?
The Tiger Tales is the PTA weekly e-newsletter, offering a quick glance at everything that is happening with the Osuna PTA.  To receive the newsletter, you will need to subscribe to our email list.
Where do I turn in PTA forms?
You can send forms in an envelope marked "PTA" via backpack mail.  If you prefer hand delivery, you can drop forms in the PTA Box in the Staff Lounge.
Do I have to renew my PTA membership every year?
Yes. PTA memberships must be renewed annually. A PTA membership costs $6.00.
Do I have to be a PTA member to volunteer at Osuna? 
No.  We encourage every family member to join PTA, but you are welcome to volunteer without becoming a member. Remember, in order to volunteer on campus, you must have a current background check with APS. 
If I join PTA, will I have to attend meetings or volunteer? 
No. Joining PTA does not obligate you to attend meetings or volunteer, although we hope that you will! Osuna PTA holds four meetings for the general membership each school year. Meetings are held either right after school or in the evenings on an alternating basis so that differing schedules can be accommodated. We also have many volunteer opportunities, some of which can be accomplished at home or during non-school hours. 
How long is my APS background check valid?
Background checks are valid for two years. To renew your background check, go to www.aps.edu/volunteer-with-aps, fill out the application and pay the $12 processing fee (credit and debit cards accepted). Those who pass the background check will be able to start volunteering at APS schools within 10 business days. 
Where do I turn in Box Tops? 
Box Tops can be turned in at the Tiger Power Programs station in the front office. Be sure to label the baggie or envelope containing your Box Tops with your child's name and teacher. Box Tops can be turned in at any time during the school year.